Our vision

Cosmetics contribute significantly to our state of health and well-being on a daily basis. We believe that beauty begins with a healthy skin. The cosmetics industry provides not only products suitable for different ages and skin types, but also experiences through which we feel more confortable, powerful and self-confident.


Our mission is to promote an industry of innovation and highest quality, an industry that combines competition and respect with the purpose of creating the best products for consumers.

Objectives and actions

Supporting the harmonization of the national legislation with the European norms. Active participation in the devising of Law 178/200 and drawing up the classification of raw materials which are safe to use for cosmetic preparations.

Providing free technical assistance with product notification to the Ministry of Health and drawing up innocuous statements, according to Law 178/2000.

Organizing symposia for foreign companies offering raw materials or new concepts in the field of microbiological preservation.

Offering its members the opportunity to participate in international trade fairs under the Romanian flag and by means of sponsorship from the Ministry of Economy.

In order to promote the Romanian companies internationally, publishing catalogues and brochures in foreign languages through full funding from the state budget.

Facilitating the collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and packaging located in our country and abroad.